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COVID-19 Pandemic: Links for the well being of your business.

We would like to acknowledge the significant impact COVID-19 is having on business, communities and individuals across the world. Our thoughts go out to those who have been directly impacted by this crisis.

Keeping your employees, customers and community safe by being as proactive as possible about cleanliness should be your top priority.

Please find a list from the Safe Work Australia website lists the following links: 

ComcareComcare has issued guidance for workers and employers on work health and safety and workers’ compensation in relation to the coronavirus outbreak. The information includes advice on WHS obligations, managing risks and compensation coverage.

SafeWork NSW Coronavirus

Worksafe Victoria 

QueenslandWorkCover QLD- Coronavirus (COVID-19) workplace risk management 

Northern Territory NT Worksafe - Getting your workplace ready for COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Tasmania WorkSafe Tasmania - Novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

South Australia  SafeWork SA - Coronavirus (COVID-19) workplace information

Western Australia Coronavirus - What can be done to prepare for the possibility of a viral outbreak in the workplace

State and territory health departments and other agencies

New South Wales 

Victoria Department of Health and Human Services - Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)
Northern Territory Department of Health - Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) latest updates

Australian Capital Territory ACT Health - Latest information about novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in the ACT

Western Australia 

Queensland Queensland Health - Novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

South Australia  SA Health - Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)

World Health Organization

This is a global crisis and the more we can help each other in these very testing times - the better the future will be for all.

All the very best



Support Bushfire Relief & Recovery: How you can help

Our heartfelt thoughts goes out to all that have been impacted by the devastating bushfires.

The bushfires have hit us all hard, whether we have been directly affected or not – the human lives lost and the mass amounts of wildlife killed is too dreadful for words - I am sure we all want to do something to help in some way or another. 

Being in the coffee industry and suppliers in various businesses, perhaps you may have already found a way to help by sending supplies to affected areas or providing transport or other ways? 

There is a long road to recovery and much to do.

Donations of money to the following organisations will go towards bushfire relief:

Let’s dig deep and show not only we are a great united industry - but a united Australia in a world that helps each other!



Who is ACTA and what does it do?

ACTA represents the Australian coffee industry by assisting and improving the standards, promoting the image of coffee and provides a platform for networking and furthering education.

ACTA liaises with the media and regulative bodies on all aspects of the industry.

Achievements: ACTA's involvement led to the successful negotiations of the exclusion of coffee from GST; Instrumental in the reduction of duties on the importation of coffee.

We provide experienced judges (independent) for Royal Agricultural Society’s coffee awards.

We regularly communicate industry issues with media e.g: - Coffee news - Magazines - Misleading and incorrect commentary - Fair trade - Rainforest Alliance - 4C common code for the coffee community - Market movements - Green Bean pricing.

ACTA addresses industry issues with authorities e.g: - GST - Parchment (AQIS) - EPA standards - Australian Customs requirements.


ACTA MISSION STATEMENT – The united voice for the Australian coffee industry since 1940

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