A Closer Look At Some Of Our Members

The united voice for the Australian coffee industry since 1940


Allpress Espresso

As wholesale espresso specialists our job is to work with customers to serve exceptional tasting espresso.

Throughout our time in business we have been operating a cafe at our Roastery in Sydney, as well as supplying and working together with a huge variety of cafes both small and large.  This firsthand experience and intimate involvement affords us a unique position to assist our customers in getting things right.

We have an ongoing vested interest in your business and will work with you so you can serve exceptional tasting espresso.  Using the highest quality beans, selecting quality espresso equipment and having well trained baristas are the key factors influencing this and a guarantee for attracting loyal coffee drinkers to a cafe.

 We also offer a range of café supplies and espresso accessories to assist you in having the most useful and correct equipment to achieve the best espresso.


Altura Coffee

Altura Coffee supply many of Adelaide’s leading cafés, restaurants, hotels and businesses with all of their coffee related requirements. Our focus is on premium quality coffee that is sourced from the world’s best coffee growing regions. Our range of coffee is 'AA Grade' rated and roasted daily at our Adelaide premises.

We offer customers a full range of products including coffees, teas, chocolates and all related cafe consumables and equipment. 



Aromas Tea and Coffee Merchants was established in 1982, introducing Brisbane to freshly roasted coffee and rare and exotic teas from around the world. Aromas are proud of its role in helping to create and foster Brisbane's cafe culture.

Aromas continue to roast their own coffee beans daily and supply over 85 blends of tea to their own stores, trade and house hold customers.

With stores in Airports throughout Australia, new stores at Kirra (Gold Coast) & Milton (Brisbane) and other franchises opening during the coming months Aromas is becoming a strong household name.

India now operates 5 stores with many more to open during 2010.

For Seriously Sophisticated Tea & Coffee, where else but Aromas.



Founded in 1918, Bennetts is a third-generation family-owned company that continues to be committed to delivering exceptional quality, support, and security to our partners both at origin and within the coffee and tea industry. We are dedicated to using the unique experience, knowledge, and perspectives our long history provides us with to continue fostering positive social and environmental change throughout the supply chain and beyond.

Contact us for information on our extensive ranges of both commercial and specialty coffees and teas.


Campos Coffee


Quality Coffee Cultivated by Good is the belief that coffee only tastes good when it’s made ethically and with care. It’s the simple truth our business is built on.

It all begins with our partners at origin. Quality coffee can only be cultivated with time, care and commitment – there are no short-cuts here. We go right to the source. No middlemen. We meet the producers. We get to know them, their families and communities. We see for ourselves how the money is benefiting the communities and being reinvested back into the farms.


Cantarella Bros

Cantarella Bros. is a third generation family business and has been operating in Australia since 1947.  Cantarella Bros commenced roasting coffee in 1958 after becoming frustrated with the lack of good quality coffee available in Australia. Today Cantarella Bros is Australia's No.1 Pure Coffee Company with over 40% volume share of the total pure coffee market*. 

Cantarella Bros. caters for all pure coffee drinkers through three key coffee brands, Vittoria Coffee, Aurora Coffee and Delta Chicco Doro.

Vittoria Coffee is Australia's No.1 Pure Coffee brand and is proud to be associated with award winning restaurants, café icons and leading hotels. Vittoria's commitment to branding and customer support has led to Vittoria Coffee being recognised as Australia's best known coffee brand in cafés**.

*Aztec / Total pure coffee (ex. Accessories) / MAT to 17th January 2010 / Volume

**BIS Shrapnel Coffee in Australia (2006-2008)


Castaway Food Packaging

Castaway Food Packaging, owned and marketed by MPM Marketing Services, prides itself on creating innovative packaging solutions for coffee roasters and baristas. We aim to be a full-service coffee roaster packaging supplier, specialising in custom branding across our range of products. 

In 2018, we continue to bring our passion and commitment to the coffee industry with the addition of a new range ofCastaway coffee bags. With our Australian-based facilities, we manufacture high quality coffee cups, lids, napkins, and paper bags that empower coffee professionals to provide swift service and satisfying coffee experiences.


Coffee & Nut Trading Pty Ltd

Coffee & Nut Trading Pty Ltd was established in 1989 and is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of high quality boutique coffee specialising in micro lots from selected Estates and farms.

Coffee & Nut Trading Pty Ltd also supplies full container loads of green coffee beans into the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Linda Smith, Director, is a Board Member of the Australian Coffee Traders Association Inc. 


Cofi-Com Trading

Cofi-Com is a leading supplier of green coffee, delivering the largest premium range of green bean coffees from around the world, to coffee roasters in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region.

We have always operated and positioned ourselves as a flexible and independent importer and supplier of green bean coffees, servicing all roasters, from large-scale to boutique, importing specialty green coffees from more than 25 countries. Cofi-Com is also a leading supplier of coffee syrups, teas and chocolate powder to the trade throughout Australia.


Condesa - Connecting Roasters to Origin

Condesa is actively involved in every aspect of the growth and development of coffee at grass-roots level and have in place everything that is needed to get it from the source to your door.

We understand our customers - the Roasters - who value our knowledge of origin and the connection we have to farmers and grower communities. Our active involvement in the life cycle of the coffee bean allows us to offer better quality and wider varieties of green coffee from all over the world. Meanwhile, our direct access to origin and market information, industry news, and Roasters' needs help everyone at every stage make better decisions. Through this we can offer Roasters unrivalled opportunities to discover blends and find a point of difference throm their competitors.



DaVinci Gourmet is the beverage experience that inspires life by flavouring every moment. Flavour. That’s our mission and daily philosophy, and it’s our goal to make it obvious with each and every sip inspired by our drink-friendly syrups and Flavourings. From more Flavourful coffees and richer mochas to delightful lemonades, sodas and desserts, we invite you to create an experience that won’t be soon forgotten. Visit the DaVinci Gourmet website for more information. 



Detpak is part of the Detmold Group, which has been making brands shine since 1948. Today, the Group is one of the largest manufacturers of paper and board packaging products globally. We work closely with our customers to deliver world-class design and printing services, earning us a reputation as a provider of high quality and ethical printed packaging solutions.


Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand

Fairtrade advocates for better working conditions and improved terms of trade for farmers. As an international organisation Fairtrade supports the developing of thriving communities to have more control over their futures and protect the environment where they live and work.

Fairtrade benefits small-scale farmers and workers by facilitating links to international markets through the development of supply chains. Small-scale farmers and workers are amongst the most marginalized groups globally. Through Fairtrade, they can lift themselves out of poverty to create successful livelihoods.


Freshfood Corporation

Pure Coffee Roasted and Blended Locally for Freshness: We are proud to be one of the very few long-standing coffee manufacturers in Australia, producing quality coffee in all forms. From coffee beans to ground coffee, freeze-dried coffee, granulated coffee, coffee bags and instant frothy coffee sachets.

Our Coffee Beans: At The House of Robert Timms, we know that a good coffee starts with premium coffee beans. That's why we source only the highest quality beans from the most superior coffee growing regions in the world.

Every batch of Robert Timms coffee is tested and approved by our specialised team of Coffee Technologists. They ensure the beans are evaluated fpr moisture content and pre-roasted to assess aroma, acidity, body, sweetness and taste properties.

Coffee Roasting: Roasting is the heart of any coffee manufacturer, our expert team of Roasters and Blenders turn our premium beans into exquisite coffee that has kept us here for 60 years.

When coffee beans arrive at our purpose built site in Sydney, they are carefully roasted to an exact roast profile to ensure the highest level of bean consistency, taste, color and aroma. Our in-house Master Roaster then personally checks every roast for the official tick of approval.

All our coffee roasting and blending takes place locally, which means you receive your coffee at maximum freshness.


Green Bean Coffee

"With Green Bean Coffee as your trusted partner, "You'll be boasting 'bout your roasting and super-boost your bottom line." 


Griffiths Bros.

Griffiths Brothers has a genuine focus on delivering outstanding premium coffees to the cafes, restaurants and delis of Australia. Established in 1879, we understand what it takes to build a successful, long-term coffee offer. Our industry-leading roasting technology, quality control systems & sustainability initiatives means our impact goes far beyond the bean.

Move your coffee offer forward, sustainably. Let's talk coffee.


Grinders Coffee

Grinders Coffee has been roasting quality coffee beans since 1962 and is Australia’s premier coffee brand. The company is at the forefront of Australia’s coffee industry with burgeoning café and restaurants in all capital cities and regional hubs serving our quality coffee. With a commitment to technology and growth, our state of the art roasting and packaging equipment ensures a consistent supply of superior quality coffee products. Our innovation & development team continue to investigate new technologies and ideas to improve the quality and freshness of our coffee and to provide outstanding service to our customers. 1300 476 377  


Hamburg Sud

Hamburg Süd first entered Australasian waters over fifty years ago, when we introduced bulk cargo services linking both countries with both coasts of North America. Business thrived, and it was in these very trades that the company entered the age of containerisation by establishing the first fully cellular liner shipping services between Australia/New Zealand and North America. A new era had begun – ushered in by Hamburg Süd.

Since then we have expanded our Australasian network to include a broad suite of regular, reliable services – generally operated on a fixed-day weekly basis – directly to all coasts of North America, to the United Kingdom and Northern Europe, and throughout Asia and the Pacific Islands. And today, with our own offices in all mainland states and principal provinces, we are among the region’s leading ocean transport and logistics service providers – offering total, on-the-spot service coverage, supported by a full range of e-commerce capabilities.



Huhtamaki, Inspiring growth

Huhtamaki is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of food and beverage packaging products. Everyday, we’re inspired to do more to help our customers grow. Whether it’s increasing or improving our range of foodservice products, or providing the highest levels of quality and service, we do more so our customers can too.

We’re passionate about packaging, bringing together global knowledge and local expertise to provide the widest range of quality, sustainable and bespoke beverage and food packaging solutions in Australia.

Our customers use our packaging to protect and preserve their products and to communicate their brands in the best way possible, informing and entertaining their customers through great design.

Our strong, integrated culture of sustainability, has led us to develop a choice of renewable, recycled and biodegradable materials for environmentally optimal packaging, like our market leading future friendly BioWare® range.


InterAmerican Coffee Australia

InterAmerican Coffee Australia is a company of Neumann Kaffee Gruppe (NKG). In 2020 we have established operations in Australia with the objective of importing high-quality traceable coffees from all over the world and bringing them to local coffee roasters. At the heart of our business model is a strong focus on customer service, collaboration and sustainability. Through our sister companies in 27 countries, we have access to numerous on-the-ground experts covering every area of the green coffee supply chain as well as direct sourcing opportunities around the globe.


Jacobs Douwe Egberts

JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS is the world’s leading pure-play coffee company, headquartered in The Netherlands. Together a team of more than 12,000 coffee champions unite to deliver our brands to consumers in more than 80 countries around the world. Our promise: “A coffee for every cup.”

Also, in Australia, JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS is one of the leaders in coffee, and in the professional part of the market we have built a strong reputation by delivering consistently high standards through our product quality and service. With coffee as our core focus, we provide a total solution offer including associated coffee, tea and chocolate products, equipment, training and technical service.

Wayne Archer, the Australian Master Roaster, has been dedicated to the coffee and tea industry for more than 35 years. “With the knowledge of the product and processes accumulated over the past 260 years, we have a vast repository of understanding of coffee that cannot be replicated anywhere. Being a Coffee Expert at JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS is something that I am proud of – to continue the traditions of buying, blending, roasting, creating coffee experiences for Australians and New Zealanders is personally very rewarding.”


J R Packaging Aust Pty Ltd

J R Packaging is a long-standing Australian provider of packaging products and services. The company was founded in 1979 in Sydney by Jim Giannakos. Jim founded the company with the vision to offer a tailored customer experience for clients who are looking for high quality, cost effective packaging solutions.

Jim believes a consultative approach to offering his products and services to clients in a timely and reliable manner has meant that 40 years later the JR Packaging tradition continues today with many of JR Packaging’ original clients still relying on Jim and his teams’ technical expertise for their packaging needs.

Today, two generations of the Giannakos family work at the JR Packaging headquarters in Marrickville. Offering innovative, cost-effective packaging solutions to our clients nationwide and across numerous industries.

JR Packaging prides itself in being able to offer a comprehensive range of products and solutions that can be tailored for any company, from a small start-up through to a large multi-national company.


La Casa del Caffe

La Casa del Caffe has been supplying premium coffee since 1984 and we pride ourselves on the quality and consistency of our coffee. Our coffee is roasted by in-house proffessionals with years of aquired coffee wisdom. Each and every roast is tasted to ensure the roast is right and the blend is perfectly balanced. This gives us the consistency we expect and our customers deserve.

La Casa del Caffe roasts a full range of traditional blends. Tropicana is our signature blend, an Italian style espresso blended from a selection of only "A" grade green beans. We supply many different blends including French, Italian, Tazza D'oro, Fairtrade organic and Rainforest Alliance Certified.

We supply our premium coffees to all areas of Australia, for cafes and restaurants, pubs and clubs, coffee carts and for those who want quality coffee at home. In addition, our partnership with Futurmat Quality Espresso ensures we can offer our clients quality coffee making equipment and service with complete transparency in our pricing.


Langdon Coffee Merchants (LCM)

Dynamic, passionate and entrepreneurial, LCM understand the changing role of the traditional importer and work to create genuine partnerships with our growers and roasters. We value quality and transparency and like to let our coffee do the talking.


La Marzocco

La Marzocco Australia distributes espresso equipment and genuine parts throughout the country and have showrooms in Melbourne and Sydney. All our machines are carefully inspected and tested upon arrival from Florence. Our experienced team have years of experience in the coffee industry and provide clients with expert advice. Additional support such as technical training and after sales are part of the La Marzocco experience. Outside our offices we host a number of locally based events around the country to bring the coffee community to together, provide product updates and have some fun.


Lavazza Australia Pty Ltd 

Founded in 1895 Lavazza, one of the world’s 100 most reputable brands according to the Reputation Institute, has been a family owned coffee company for over 120 years. Lavazza is a pure coffee company, meeting the needs of coffee consumers in all forms and occasions. 

 Lavazza has been proudly serving Australian consumers for over 40 years with a combination of iconic Italian blends and Australian roasted blends, and remains today one of Australia’s leading suppliers of coffee. Lavazza’s focus on premium coffee extends across all of the major coffee channels in Australia with dedicated retail, food service and office solutions in both coffee and coffee related equipment. Lavazza also has a number of iconic brands and blends like Qualitá Oro, Qualitá Rossa, Tierra and Kafa within its stable.

 All of Lavazza’s efforts are supported by a resolute focus on sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Via the Foundazione Giuseppe E Pericle Lavazza Onlus  (The Lavazza Foundation) Lavazza brings to life Luigi Lavazza’s  founding philosophy “A world that destroys the goods of nature is one I do not belong in” (Luigi Lavazza 1935), with a myriad of initiatives including sustainable coffee projects across 14 countries of origin. Lavazza was named the ninth business globally for Corporate Responsibility in the 2019 Global CR RepTrak ranking, also taking the top spot in the Food & Beverage sector.

Mocha Coffee

Sharing the Passion Steeped in family tradition Mocha Coffee has emerged as one of the most successful suppliers of gourmet coffee. From the bustling suburbs of inner city Newtown, Greek immigrant John Mannassis had a vision for sharing the passion and producing a fine, quality gourmet coffee for consumption at home and in cafes and restaurants. The vision became a reality when his children Paul and Maria established the Mocha Coffee brand in 1987. Mocha Coffee commenced as a small roasting facility with a retail front on Enmore Road in Newtown. In 1999 the wholesale side of the business expanded and Mocha Coffee moved to larger premises in Marrickville. At this time Mocha Coffee expanded their facility and highly qualified staff to provide in-house technical expertise, barista training in a specialist training centre as well as before and after sales service to support clients and customers. Mocha Coffee prides itself in offering consistent, high quality, fresh gourmet coffee blends and exceptional personalised service. Mocha Coffee sources the highest quality coffee beans from various origins around the world. In 2002, Mocha Coffee expanded to the Philippines, and the “Mocha Blends” chain was established to specialise in espresso based beverages made in the traditional methods.  


MTC Group

MTC evolved out of a successful coffee plantation, processor and exporter of green coffee from northern NSW, Australia. In 2009, MTC established a green coffee import company in Australia and has grown quickly into a boutique specialty coffee trader. The head office for administration, contract management, logistics, QA and buying along with finance is handled out of Hong Kong, with a sales office in Sydney and distribution through NZ, Korea, China & the US. The business sources coffees from more than 20 countries with clients in more 15 countries around the world. We work directly with producers, farmer groups and cooperatives with our buying teams actively involved in development projects, quality systems and processing, varietal and micro-lot innovation. 


Nadine’s Coffee Beans

Nadine's Coffee Beans is a privately owned Australian company with 26 years of experience in the blending of coffee and the baking of pastry goods. 

Nadine's Coffee Beans, prides itself in selling only the finest quality beans from around the world. Nadine's' range of coffees has won silver and bronze medals at both the 2004 and 2006 Royal Easter Show and was the only coffee to win a GOLD MEDAL in ten years for the short black coffee, EBONY MIST.

Together we have brought together 26 years of knowledge, skills and determination to provide customers with the best of fine coffee available. We are committed to continual improvement of our products and services and we promote excellence and innovation within the coffee and baking industry.

Our master roaster, Bill Erickson, passionately transforms the best quality green beans into delicious award winning coffee. He blends and roasts our coffee to perfection, and personal blends are his speciality.


NativUC Pty Limited

 NativUC is the largest cloud technology marketplace in the ANZ region, with a network of over 200 pre-vetted and leading vendors of unified communications, collaboration solutions, Cloud- contact centre applications, DR & Business Continuity, Security and much more. Our power lies in turning insights into strategies that are tailor made to your specific business needs to improve productivity, increase revenue, and streamline operational processes to guarantee your long-term success.  

Technology will drive your future; at NativUC we make sure it takes you where you want to go.


Origin Traders

Origin Traders is one of Australia’s emerging suppliers of green coffee and tea. We specialise in the selection, sourcing and delivery of premium and specialty coffees from around the globe. Our mission is to deliver high quality coffee Australia wide to meet the requirements of our customers and maintain a competitive edge in a highly sophisticated market.

 Over several years we have developed valuable relationships with a network of growers, suppliers and co-operatives which support our quality focus. Our service model with warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth caters for all roasters large and small and we aim to develop long term relationships with all of our customers Australia wide.


Pine Tea and Coffee

Pine Tea & Coffee offer a very large range of Silvertip Speciality Leaf Teas, Bella Italia Fresh Roasted Gourmet Coffees, Flavoured Syrups, Chai Mixes and Drinking Chocolate.

The largest and freshest range of wholesale and retail leaf teas, gourmet coffees and accessories in Australia for supply to tea houses, cafes, restaurants, giftshops, gourmet grocers, market stalls, hospitality, tourism, office and home consumers.


Prime Creative Media

In addition to our distribution to cafés and our discerning subscription base, BeanScene is available for purchase in newsagencies and cafés throughout Australia. BeanScene’s bi-monthly publishing schedule makes it Australia’s most frequently published coffee magazine.

Massive market penetration
The positioning of BeanScene as the perfect blend of business and lifestyle ensures it reaches both industry and consumers. BeanScene is accessible physically through our strong distribution and emotionally through our breadth and depth of editorial and content.

Our aim is to deliver a platform to the café industry to promote the best ideas and technology and to showcase the industry in a way that befits its professionalism and its contribution to Australian society and way of life.


Q Roasters

At Q Roasters, we source, roast and cup our coffee with a consistency and quality that promotes social, economic and environmental sustainability.

Everything we do is about creating a connection from the source to you. Sustainable espresso! 


Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance is an international non-profit organization working in more than 60 countries at the intersection of business, agriculture, and forests. We are building an alliance to create a better future for people and nature by making responsible business the new normal. 

By working together with companies, farmers, foresters, communities, and consumers we can achieve deep-rooted change on some of our most pressing social and environmental issues. Our aim is to transform the way the world produces, sources, and consumes, with a focus on cocoa, coffee, tea, bananas, forest products and palm oil. We envision a world where people and nature thrive in harmony.

 In 2018 the Rainforest Alliance and UTZ merged to become one organization. By joining forces, we have combined the leadership, expertise, and longstanding partnerships of two leading international organizations. Together we can more effectively respond to the urgent challenges of today and be a better partner to the many stakeholders we work with.


Riverina Fresh

Tucked away in the lush, temperate farmland of the Riverina region in NSW our milk is sourced from the same dedicated group of dairy farms.

The dairy farms are owned and operated by our passionate farmers, many who are second generation. They are experts in dairy and are committed to producing quality fresh milk. Our daily processing is mindful to protect freshness, so our milk is collected daily from the farms and delivered direct to our factory in Wagga Wagga, NSW where it is processed and bottled fresh.

Riverina FreshTM milk has a smooth, full bodied flavour and an unmistakably rich mouth feel which is why it’s won Gold for our Full Fat Milk at the Dairy Industry Association of Australia (DIAA) 2014 awards.

We know making great coffee requires great products, so we have on site baristas testing the quality of the milk for consistent stretching performance every day.


Roasting Australia Holdings

Established in 1982 by founder and owner Nabi Saleh, Maranatha Import Export Pty Ltd is a manufacturer and distributor of both locally produced and imported quality beverages and foods. 

Our core passion is for coffee. Being the exclusive supplier to the Gloria Jeans Coffee chain, our coffee beans are sourced from the best regions from around the world. Roasting, grinding and packing takes place in our ‘state of the art’ manufacturing plant in Castle Hill, Sydney. 

Maranatha markets the Café Palazzo range of Coffees, to independent grocery, food service and hospitality channels. 

This provides a strong base to develop our associated range of Drinking Cocoas, Teas and Snack based products, via both the local development of new products and as an importer of such products as Ghirardelli. 

Our range of products is supplied and distributed Australia wide. 


RPM Freight & Logistics 

RPM Freight & Logistics has been serving people's freight needs with local, rural and interstate deliveries since 2001. We have over 30 years of freight experience among the founders, and many more years of experience among it's employees and drivers. RPM Freight combines customer focused service with rock-solid transport know-how. Knowledgeable personnel, friendly service and great pricing means you won't find anyone easier to ship with. We started this company believing that moving freight should be easy and fast. It's been our motto ever since to provide great, reliable service - and it's why our clients won't use anyone else. Phone: (02) 9669 4888


Rubra Coffee

Since Rubra started in 2004, it has been consumed with a passion and drive to source, blend and roast the best coffee available. Rubra uses one of the world's largest green bean brokers to source quality coffee beans from around the globe, and every batch of green beans is scrutinised to make sure its cupping profile meets the company’s high standards. 

The green beans are roasted in Rubra's onsite coffee roaster. It's a drum model made in Germany by 150-year old company Probat.

Rubra's exquisitely-packaged range of coffees has won 16 medals at the Sydney Royal Show.

Ethically focused, Rubra also recognises its responsibility to the people and places that grow and produce its coffee and tea, by supporting Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and the Coffee Kids Program. 


T: (08) 9314 6299


Seven Miles Coffee Roasters

Everything we do is in the passionate pursuit of exceptional coffee

Based in Manly Vale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and with micro-roasteries throughout Australia, we are constantly searching for new ways to bring coffee to life whilst embracing the wisdom and knowledge of our industry experts.



We are Suntory Coffee, leaders in fresh coffee across Australia and New Zealand.

We are a business with a strong pioneering history in coffee that creates innovative and sustainable brands for Australasia and beyond.

Locally born, our coffee brands are amongst the regions most respected, most iconic, most loved and most consumed. Our brands cover continents, categories and channels. The DNA from our brands strongly reflects our business. Their DNA has created a spirit of insatiable curiosity, encouraging us to challenge boundaries. We live and breathe coffee, our people have the passion and ambition to provide a better coffee experience for everyone. Our purpose is to create innovative and sustainable fresh coffee for consumers in Australia, New Zealand and beyond while having some fun along the way.


The Bean Alliance

Mr. Angelo Augello,Innovator of The Bean Alliance…… Angelo Augello | Managing Director | The Bean Alliance (since 1988) Providing leadership required to evolve a family business to the sophisticated production and marketing facility that it is today. Including the vision, funding & actualisation of the multi-million dollar state of the art roasting plant · Expansion of the business interstate and into export markets · Evolving relationships with key stakeholders including financial, customer and supplier base. · Providing a principled approach to leadership · Visualizing and funding key initiatives in Marketing, Sales, Brand & Product Development and Production 25 Kurnai Avenue Reservoir VIC 3073 T: +61 3 9474 5555 F: +61 3 9474 5556 E: ®


The Coffee Roaster

Ever since we opened our doors in April 1991 in a Glebe terrace house until now at our roastery/operation centres in Sydney & Brisbane, fresh delivery to our wholesale and retail customers was and still remains our purpose.


Wallace International

Wallace International have been proud members of ACTA & specialist suppliers to the Coffee Industry for over 30 years.

As International Freight & Customs Brokers with offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne & Perth, we pride ourselves on personal service & trade solutions tailored to your needs.

Our founder, Robert Wallace is the Chairman of the CBFCA- ( Customs Brokers & Forwarders Council of Australia ) giving us input at the highest level.

We are also part of the World Freight Group of International Freight & Customs agents in over 370 ports, 93 countries via 180 offices.

For all your Airfreight & Seafreight / Import or Export, Customs Clearance, Quarantine Compliance, Warehousing & Wharf Trucking needs we welcome your call or email anytime.

PH: 02 9588 6966