2011 ACTA Annual Golf Day – Results

Award Sponsor Winners
Overall Winners nett 52.3/4 Vittoria Coffee  
    James Thornwaite - Huhtamaki P/L
  Andy Simpkin – Belaroma
    Simon Creswick – Vittoria Coffee
    Greg Rider – Vittoria Coffee
Best Front Nine nett 29 Douwe Egberts  
    Maike Milobara - Huhtamaki P/L
  Simon Rowe – Huhtamaki P/L
    Lee Palmer – Douwe Egberts Coffee
    Mark Haj – Douwe Egberts Coffee
Best Back Nine nett 25 Huhtamaki                   
    Richard Wild - Hamburg Sud P/L
  Chris Muir - Maranatha Import Export P/L
    Clayton Pine - PineTea & Coffee
    Darrell Gibbs - DaVinci Gourmet
Longest Drive
17th Hole
Kerry Foodservice Darrell Gibbs - DaVinci Gourmet
Nearest to the Pin 437cm
6th Hole
The Bean Alliance   Peter Bell – Maranatha import Export P/L

Hope to see you all again in the 2012 ACTA Golf Day and for those that missed out come along next year and enjoy all the fun!!