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AGM election update

ACTA 2021 AGM was held on Friday 26th November at The Squires Landing, Sydney. Elections were held for the 2022 ACTA Committee. A delicious three course luncheon, stunning views of Sydney Harbour Bridge made for a brilliant day. A fabulous networking event!

Many companies presented, it was great to hear the positivity even though all had been met with many challenging experiences through 2020. There was a deep connection and comforting reinsurance in the room, that all are experiencing similar issues. Many showed a determination to learn and grow from the year and face 2021 with a positive and more equipped mindset, to expect the unexpected, and adapt by making change accordingly in this ever changing world.

Thanks to all that presented – Everyone who participated gave the forum an interesting insight to how we are all managing, it created connections from sharing; an enjoyable positive event, which celebrated our freedom to travel interstate again. We also received lots of positive feedback after the event.
The ACTA Committee also gave a toast to Andrew Mackay and awarded him as a Life Member of ACTA. Andrew had selflessly served on the ACTA Committee and as Chairman many times over the years, and is a dedicated advocate of the Association and mentor in the coffee industry. Thank you very much to our Committee Members who selflessly continue to make the effort and time for the coffee industry at large.
Thank you very much to our Sponsors for the AGM:

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Our Mission

ACTA represents the Australian coffee industry by assisting and improving the standards, promoting the image of coffee and provides a platform for networking and furthering education.

ACTA liaises with the media and regulative bodies on all aspects of the industry.


We regularly communicate industry issues with media e.g: – Coffee news – Magazines – Misleading and incorrect commentary – Fair trade – Rainforest Alliance – 4C common code for the coffee community – Market movements – Green Bean pricing.


ACTA addresses industry issues with authorities e.g: – GST – Parchment (AQIS) – EPA standards – Australian Customs requirements.

The COVID-19 Change Forum was open to audience participation, guided and timed by the MC’s.

The topics covered 3 questions:

Tell us about the COVID-19 experience for your business this year?

What changes have worked for your business throughout COVID-19 thus far?

What shall your business keep doing differently into the future?