Acta’s past events in 2009

ACTA Coffee Trends and Tastes

On Wednesday 26 August 09 many people attended the tasting of exotic coffees, demonstration and discussion on current trends both at café and green bean level at Belaroma coffee.

It was a fun and very informative evening and a fabulous chance to network with ACTA committee member’s and other ACTA members.

An exotic selection of tasting was tried by the less known siphoning process, but sure to become a hit, drawing out the true raw flavour of the beans. Those who dared participated in a guessing game, trying to name what sort of coffee it was and where it came from.

To name a few: included Guatemalan Cup of Excellence Lot# 22 Finca La Perla y Anexos – Santa Delfina Y Anexos and Ethiopian Baloya selection 16.

Another more unique blend was the Kopi Luwak coffee from Indonesia in areas of Java and Bali made by the Asian Palm civet droppings. The Asian Palm civet is a omnivorous tree-climbing cat like creature from the same family as the Mongoose who prowls the coffee plantations and eats the finest ripe Arabica coffee berries. The droppings from the civet are collected and within the droppings are undigested coffee beans which are then extracted and washed and treated before being processed.

‘Coffee Luwak is a rich, smooth coffee with an earthy, syrupy texture and a hint of chocolate undertones’.

ACTA look forward to presenting more as these types of evenings to our members next year.

ACTA Golf Day

On Thursday 3rd September 09 at the North Ryde Golf Club – rain or shine did not interrupt the determination of our competitive golfers. Players were strolling back to the club house drenched but smiling. That’s what you call fun. This year’s results proved that there are a few wild card entries amongst our members. What a surprise by the overall winners Trifon Dimitrakis, David Bartholomeuz, Greg Stenberg and Julian Britton. Congratulations!!! 

A special thank you to our sponsors, Vittoria Coffee, Huhtamaki, Douwe Egberts, Kerry Foodservice and The Bean Alliance for your support and enthusiasm towards the event. 

We look forward to doing it all again as the golf day appears to be growing – start putting together your teams as we might make it earlier in the year due to requests. 

ACTA Annual General Meeting

On Wednesday 4th November 2009 held its AGM, nominations were taken from full members and elected to sit on the committee for the following year. A special meeting was held after the AGM to elect a Chairman and Vice Chairman for the next term, which was followed by a Cocktail Party.