Benefits of membership

Benefits of membership

ACTA is all about connecting you and your business to the Australian Coffee Industry.


ACTA are the only association in Australia formed specifically to look after the interests of:

  • Importers & Distributors of Green Coffee beans
  • Roaster Wholesalers
  • Grower / Exporter / Producer
  • Coffee Machinery Manufacturers
  • Food Service / Distributors involved in the Coffee Industry
  • Support services to the coffee industry


ACTA have been representing the Industry since 1940 and are working even harder at this time on behalf of its members on all issues raised of concern.

ACTA liaises with the media and regulative bodies on all aspects regarding coffee and coffee matters.

Achievements: ACTA’s involvement led to the successful negotiations of the exclusion of coffee from GST; Instrumental in the reduction of duties on the importation of coffee.

We provide experienced,
independent judges for the Royal Agricultural Society’s coffee awards.

We regularly
communicate industry issues with media e.g: – Coffee news – Magazines – Misleading and incorrect commentary – Fair trade – Rainforest Alliance – 4C common code for the coffee community – Market movements – Green Bean pricing.

addresses industry issues with authorities e.g: – GST – Parchment (AQIS) – EPA standards – Australian Customs requirements.

ACTA keeps up with industry issues and has tackled many topics on
sustainability and climate change.  We address issues such as emissions reduction, packaging targets, waste reduction and recycling, plastic reduction and circular economy, ‘greenwashing’ and agricultural research and development.

We send out
regular E-Newsletters which include valuable Market Reports and research from experts in the field.

 Our current membership already represents
a strong line-up of major players in the industry – your added support to ensure future development of all our interests.

ACTA’s members are the
leaders of the coffee industry being the CEO, General Manager, Director, National Sales or Marketing Managers of the industry and associated industries.

We are
legally constituted, have a duly elected Committee, hold an Annual General Meeting, and have our own Director / Secretary.

ACTA Membership renewals will come up in each December for Renewal on 1st January each year. Your ACTA membership is tax deductible for your company.

The more ACTA events you attend the more benefits for your company – the networking opportunities are invaluable!

Best of all with joining ACTA – You are supporting your own industry!


Come and join the leaders of the coffee industry  – As we look forward to meeting you.

Full membership

Full Members are made up of the Australian coffee roaster wholesalers, growers, exporter, producer, green bean importers and green brokers.

Associate membership

Associate Members are companies that supply or provide a service to the coffee industry. Categories being: food service, distributor, coffee importer, coffee machinery manufacturer, freight, media, packaging, digital, waste and other support services. 

Participation and opportunities

We have numerous events each year, which are great networking opportunities for our members and are well attended with like-minded coffee industry people and sell out fast!
There are great opportunities for Sponsoring and attending all our networking functions. Sponsorship Opportunities offered to ACTA Members only, enquire if you are interested.